Enhancing Biodiversity

Improvements to marginal, less productive land can help pollinators flourish.
Enhancing Biodiversity
Take Control of Weeds in Corn
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The interconnectedness of agriculture and the natural world is at the heart of the commitment by Syngenta to help biodiversity flourish as part of The Good Growth Plan. More than a third of all crops depend on pollinators for propagation, and the global value of pollinators is roughly $221 billion each year. At the same time, most farms include marginal, less productive land, which can provide crucial habitats for wildlife.

The Syngenta global Operation Pollinator program supports growers in their efforts to convert marginal farmland into corridors of vegetation that provide habitat and foraging environments for pollinators and other wildlife. Through The Good Growth Plan, Syngenta has committed to enhance biodiversity on more than 12.3 million acres globally by 2020. This infographic explains how.

Enhance biodiversity on marginal farmland with pollinator habitats:

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