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Syngenta Flagship® Insecticide Granules Approved For Use in California

Syngenta Professional Products recently announced that granular insecticide Flagship G (granule) has received registration for use in California. (Note: Correction posted 7/18/08)
Formulated specifically for the systemic control of insect pests on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses and nurseries, as well as Christmas trees, Flagship G can be added directly to plant containers, broadcasted or mixed into the growing media. Additionally, it features the same spectrum and speed of control as the existing wettable granule formulation, Flagship WG.
Features of Flagship G insecticide include:
•It can be applied as a soil broadcast or banded application at the rates of 40 to 120 lbs/acre (same use sites as Flagship WG formulation).
•Flagship G is absorbed by the roots and translocates throughout the plant quickly, providing fast control and
residual protection against a broad spectrum of foliar and soil pests, including aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, soft scales, fungus gnats, white grub larvae and flea beetles.
•Flagship G is packaged in a 25-pound resealable bag, carries a “Caution” signal word and a 12-hour REI.
“Flagship G offers nursery and greenhouse growers tremendous flexibility because it can be applied using a wide range of methods,” said Eduardo Moreira, ornamental market manager for Syngenta Professional Products.
As with all insecticides, it is important to read and follow label instructions when using Flagship G.
For more information about Flagship G insecticide or the Syngenta portfolio of products and services, please contact your local Syngenta territory manager, Syngenta Authorized Channel Partner, the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENTA (796-4368) or online at www.syngentaprofessionalproducts.
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